i-city: the WTF attraction of Kuala Lumpur

There are many attractions in and around Kuala Lumpur that can keep a tourist busy for 5 days straight. So, when staying there for just a weekend one has the luxury to pick and choose.

Just outside of Kuala Lumpur is a newly developed business and living area called i-city. The name name sure is hip, jumping on the “i” train. However it is famous for its light installations.


From far away you can see a forest of light trees in all the color light-bulbs come in. And the loads of buses parked outside make believe that something extraordinary is to be seen.

Well… no. It’s, as Bart Simpson would put it, “craptacular”. What probably started as a simple fascination for Christmas light kitsch has turned into a strange park of random light sculptures that yet need to realize their potential — or even come up with a concept.
There are trees, flowers, Chinese lanterns, a Universal Studios type of globe, a giraffe next to two cows and Santa Clause, peacocks and two frogs jumping each other, made out of hundreds and thousands of colorful lights.


Hectares of empty space let to assume that, no, they haven’t finished playing with them lights yet. But unless they have some gnarly tricks up their sleeve the park will remain quite the sleeper despite all the lights.

Within the park area are two huge outdoor screens. One was showing the latest Harry Potter movie while the other an episode of CSI: Miami — exactly what you want to see at a “family friendly” park.

And when you thought the part had you disappointed enough, you’ll walk into the “snow hall” — a disappointment that turns into pity.
A brilliant salesman must’ve sold them six snow making machines, telling them kids will frolic in two feet of snow. The brochure and sketches sure confirmed those promises. But no one seemed to take in account that the room with the machines should be sealed off in order to maintain a temperature around freezing point. Here, the machines were installed in the corner of a lobby like area that has simple sliding doors separating the room from the outside. And since the restroom of the park is in the other corner, the doors are open most of the time.
So, the snow machines were working hard, spewing out big, wet junks since the snow already thawed way before it even left the machine. Some kids were still having fun, slipping around on the wet floor, but no one dared to catch the “snow flakes” with their tongue.

Thus, unless they manage to build a life-size replica of the Taj Mahal, keep your evenings out of i-city and just marvel over the lights of the real city from a nearby hill.

KL at nite


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